Streamline instrument site prep to hit go-live dates on time and on budget

Leverage our nationwide W2 technicians to coordinate your customer’s site prep requirements

Your instrument engineers will never arrive to an unprepared site again

Site prep issues can push out go-live dates and frustrate your customers while delaying revenue.

What if every Installation site was perfectly prepared before your instruments arrive?

But it’s tough when:

You don’t have the bandwidth to manage dozens of unreliable local contractors

Each local contractor has their own way to wire your installation site

You are stressed whether or not pre-installation was done correctly

CUSITech provides a turn-key solution: single-source, nationwide skilled W2 technicians to seamlessly complete your customer’s pre-installation site prep.

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CUSITech Discovers

CUSITech Plans

CUSITech Delivers

CUSITech Validates

Let’s talk about your process now: what’s working, what’s not, and how we can help.

CUSITech engineers use site documentation to plan the infrastructure down to the millimeter.

CUSITech’s nationwide skilled technicians complete the site preparation, power, and data requirements.

Before your installation engineers ever board a plane, CUSITech validates and reports that all of your site prep requirements have been met.