You may have noticed that your favorite fast-food restaurants don’t quite look like they did ten, or even five years ago. Restaurants like Mcdonald’s,  Nowadays, everything is streamlined and restaurant chains are pushing to look modern in an effort to increase customer engagement. However, if you look at modern QSR’s you’ll find that the changes extend to more than new signage and sleeker, but more uncomfortable chairs. The bulk of new remodels are initiated to help meet new omnichannel demands that come from changes in consumer behavior accelerated by the pandemic.

Why do QSR’s remodel?

If you’ve seen a QSR before, and then again after a remodel, you would have probably noticed a few things like new and improved menu displays, added seating, pickup and delivery drop-off zones, new POS systems, and PIN pads, and refreshed furniture. Remodels generally happen to keep up with new consumer trends. In the past, you would typically see a logo and decoration refresh to encourage new and old customers to dine in, but this time around it’s all about mobile ordering and increasing or updating the infrastructure needed to keep up with new consumer trends.

If you’re interested in more information about these trends check out this article from QSR Magazine:

What changes commonly come with remodels?

QSR’s need the ability to be fast, streamlined, and efficient, so the changes that happen within a remodel need to happen with that in mind. Looking at QSR remodels from our experience, we commonly see QSR’s incorporate things like new menu boards, POS systems, dual lane drive thrus, and other infrastructure to help keep up with increased mobile All of these improvements have a purpose and all help QSR’s become faster, more streamlined, and more efficient.

What benefits come with remodeling?

Restaurateurs expect more from a remodel than just better Feng Shui. Remodels can have a significant impact on several different aspects of a QSR. For example, upgrading POS’s and ordering systems can allow you to take mobile orders, new POS’s allow you to cut down on wait times and increase your ability to account for inventory, and increasing seating allows you to well… seat more people in your lobby.

Keep these changes and benefits in mind if your restaurant is considering a remodel. When you’re ready to implement these changes CUSITech is here with our nationwide team to oversee and implement your next menu board, POS, or any other infrastructure upgrades.

CUSITech provides a single point of contact to manage the planning, surveying, installation, and implementation of these projects with our nationwide skilled W2 technicians, so you can hit go-live dates on time and on budget. Give us a visit today:


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