Most Critical Mistakes For NRO IT Deployments

As low voltage and technology integration specialists, we’ve heard every complaint in the book about the mistakes contractors make during NRO IT deployments. In order to prevent your next NRO from falling victim to these mistakes, it’s important that you recognize the different issues that can arise. In this article we’ll identify and help you prevent three of the most critical mistakes for NRO IT deployments.

Choosing The Wrong Hardware

Deciding on what type of tech to use in your restaurants can be an IT leader’s biggest challenge. Every day new tech comes out and it’s difficult to decipher between useful tools and ineffective gimmicks. To avoid this, you should have a deployment partner who is hardware agnostic, meaning that they don’t have ties to any specific brand of hardware and can accurately make recommendations based solely on your needs.

Going With The Lowest Bidder

The desire to keep your project under budget can drive you to go with the lowest bidder for a project, but that doesn’t mean the bid price will match the end price. Poor quality of work, inconclusive scope of work, and site revisits are just a few of the reasons you shouldn’t necessarily go with the lowest bidder. If you still aren’t convinced, check out our article Three Dangers Of Going With The Lowest Bidder For Your Next LV Project ( 

Failure to maintain Nationwide Consistency

A huge part of a QSR Chain’s success is its consistency and a failure to maintain nationwide consistency can confuse customers and make it harder to evaluate operations on a larger scale. For example, your POS systems should run off of the same software no matter where the location. Doing this allows you to see analytics from each location and paint a clearer picture of your sales.


Failing to recognize and prevent any of these three critical mistakes is a recipe for disaster and can cause your NRO to fall off schedule and go over budget, that’s why it’s important to have a trusted partner and expert technicians that specialize in NRO applications.

CUSITech provides a single point of contact to manage the planning, surveying, installation, and implementation of technology adoption with our nationwide skilled W2 technicians, so you can hit go-live dates on time and on budget. Give us a visit today:


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