Leveraging Scalable Tech For Your Next NRO

Restaurant and QSR technology has existed for years with the purpose of making jobs easier and making customers happier. As a restauranteur or someone in IT, you lean on the conveniences tech provides every single day, so how can you scale tech as your franchise grows? In this article, we’ll lay out the steps to take in order to grow your restaurant’s tech infrastructure with your business.

Different Locations, Same Tech

An important part of scaling your technology is actually being consistent with what you’re installing. For instance, if you’re adding digital menu boards to one location then you should be doing that to the rest of your stores. One of the driving factors in consumers’ decision to go to your QSR or restaurant is consistency. 

POS Software

In the past POS were essentially glorified cash registers and having POS systems with non-compatible software is a waste of time and money when it comes to the scalability of features like analytic tracking. As POS software gets more advanced make sure you upgrade to take full advantage of newer features like analytics. If all of your POS systems are aligned, you can then gather analytics at a larger scale to build forecasts, trends, and automate the ordering of the inventory. 

Have a Nationwide Installation Partner

Because consistency is key, you need to have a partner that has experience with nationwide rollouts and keeping each restaurant consistent with the last. That’s where CUSITech comes in. Our W2 technicians and project managers understand that consistency is important for training, customer acquisition, and customer satisfaction. CUSITech is hardware agnostic, meaning if you’re on the fence about a brand of kiosk or a certain PIN pad, CUSITech can help make a recommendation depending on the needs of your franchise.

CUSITech knows that scalability of tech is key for growing your business, and we’re here to help you with your next NRO or upgrade.


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