How To Boost Restaurant Sales With Line Busting

What Is Line Busting

Line busting is the process of breaking up the lines in drive-thrus or dining rooms, to reduce customer wait times and allow the kitchen to start making your order faster. It’s Most commonly done by sending employees up the line to take orders on handheld POS systems.

If you’ve been to a Chick-Fil-A recently, you might be familiar with this practice. Employees stand outside in the line and make their way down the line, car to car, and take orders. This allows the kitchen to receive orders faster and maximize their output.

Benefits Of Line Busting

While its true line busting will speed up the pace that a restaurant serves their food, the faster lines have other positive benefits too.

When you serve customers faster, you increase the amount of orders you can take resulting in higher revenue. This may seem obvious but it’s the single biggest reason to introduce line busting strategies to your restaurant. Line busting has also been shown to increase customer satisfaction. When customers are waiting less time in line, they’re happier and more likely to come back for a second visit.

Steps To Start

Before you dive in and invest in mobile POS systems, it is wise to first consider if your restaurant has enough traffic to make the investment profitable. Maybe you do have enough traffic but most of it comes from lunch and dinner rushes. In that case it may be most efficacious to employ line busting during those rushes.

Next you should decide on what mobile POS you will be using. It probably makes the most sense to invest in a POS that is already compatible with your current POS software. After you have the proper equipment you should look into your staffing needs. Do you need to hire additional employees? Can you move someone from another duty to line busting? The answer will be different for every restaurant.

Line busting can be profitable for restaurants that experience high traffic and longer wait times. With the pandemic shifting more customers towards drive-thru ordering, it makes sense that more restaurants are investing in line busting strategies.

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