Staffing shortages are rampant all over the nation. At times, the shortages were so bad (losing 2.5 million workers), that restaurants had to change the way they serve customers or shut down completely, resulting in many small businesses closing down for good.

Restaurant employees have a lot of responsibilities that can cover taking orders, payments, bussing tables, counting inventory, and hospitality. So how do restaurants overcome being short-staffed and reduce their employees’ responsibilities?

Contactless Payment And Ordering

Companies like Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and many others are opting for contactless payment and ordering using a tableside kiosk. These kiosks allow employees to take care of their other responsibilities and automate the entire ordering and checkout process using the tableside kiosk or mobile app customers can download on their smartphone.

Restaurants have been using table kiosks for years to increase order volumes but have only recently begun relying on contactless payment for one hundred percent of orders. Experts like Deepthi Prakash says:

“Ordering from table kiosks makes customers more likely to order what they actually want because they won’t feel that the waiter or waitress will judge them”

Kitchen and Hospitality Automation

From cooking french fries to managing queues, modern QSRs and restaurants are investing heavily into new technology that lightens the load on employees and increases the volume of customers they can serve. In the front of the house, restaurateurs have the option of using automated SMS texting for customers waiting for an open table. In the back of the house, you can see automation in the form of several cool gadgets from automatic drink dispensers to fry flipping robots like Flippy from Miso Robotics. Automations like this are becoming commonplace and almost necessary to implement in the post-pandemic economy.

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