How Restaurant Tech Can Help Fight Inflation


Two years into the pandemic rising inflation, supply chain issues and labor shortages continue to plague the restaurant industry. In this environment, keeping operating costs down is paramount. Technologies like online ordering, self-service kiosks, and inventory tracking systems can help do that. Here are a few steps your restaurant can take to combat these problems. 


Customer-Facing Tech in the Front Of House

Self-service food lockers, digital self-ordering kiosks, and mobile apps put ordering directly in the hands of the customer. Employee turnover has skyrocketed, so curbing this problem through automation is a great way to cut costs and fight labor shortages while keeping the customer happy. WIth food costs soaring you don’t want to lose a sale or waste precious inventory. Moreover, with the use of self-service devices, technology can also help guests choose extra items as they navigate your menu by suggesting relevant add-ons and other products.


Technology to Track Food Costs & Inventory

Investing in smart kitchen tech improves operational efficiencies and reduces lurking overhead. Keeping your inventory management as efficient as possible is key to optimizing food costs. Using an automated inventory management system can save time and money and increase accuracy. This won’t, however, account for spoilage, inconsistent portioning or waste, but by using handheld tablets and taking inventory more often you can streamline the process and decrease manual entry errors.


Ditch the Third-Party Apps

Delivery and off-premise dining skyrocketed over the past few years due in large part to third-party online ordering applications. While they have contributed to sales, they often come with plenty of hidden fees. Sometimes those costs can be as much as 30 percent in delivery fees alone. These applications can be a great thing, especially for restaurants without a delivery system in place, but it’s time to lean a little more heavily on hosting a personal online ordering platform 


Understanding and harvesting first-party data will also help you to better understand your customer base in the long run. Collecting this yourself puts control back in your hands to make better operational decisions. You might not be able to eliminate these services altogether but by giving them a more discerning eye you’ll be able to at least dodge some of the more outrageous fees.


Right now, technology should be your new best friend. With a little research you can set your restaurant up for success. Shifting certain practices to more automation and allowing more controls from within your business can help fight inflation while providing guests with a better, and hopefully cheaper, experience. 


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