Electrical Rollouts: Case Studies

Below are examples of electrical rollouts where CUSI project managers handled complex client issues and eliminated problems – allowing for timely project completion.

ATM Unreliability:

A large national bank wanted to evaluate their worst performing ATMs to determine if electrical issues were the culprit of their high number of service calls and not the machines themselves. Our team of electricians performed electrical site surveys and audits on the circuit powering the ATMs and made corrections as needed. This program has significantly helped the customer increase their ATM availability, and it has helped the ATM maintenance company reduce its service calls on those machines by 30%.

Multiple Visits for Retail Stores:

Our customer was responsible for overseeing the installation of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) as part of its overall deployment and service offering in new Polo stores. Initially, they attempted to oversee this work on their own; however, they lacked a detailed scope of work, the technical knowledge to quickly answer on-site questions and were challenged by scheduling multiple sites. Because of that, Polo began to fall behind on its own timeline for store openings. After turning over the responsibilities to CUSI, installs were managed successfully and revisits nearly eliminated. That allowed Polo to get back on track, and our customer to focus on its core offering.

Scope of Work Issues for Fiber Optic Upgrades:

A major telecom provider was managing fiber optic upgrades at hundreds of locations for a national retail company with both stand alone buildings as well as suites in business parks. Early on though problems arose when they did not have a detailed scope of work, had not identified all the project stakeholders, underestimated the complexity of the work and were not equipped with the necessary electrical expertise. They eventually turned the project over to CUSI because of that. CUSI has now completed hundreds of sites and has received several new customer referrals based on the project’s success.

Narrow Timetable for UPS Replacements:

Our customer was tasked with scheduling UPS replacements at 135 locations across the country. The timetable for installation was a narrow four-hour window prior to the store opening for the day. Any miscues or unanswered questions on site meant delayed openings or costly revisits. CUSI was hired to ensure that all sites successfully met the tight deadline and to provide technical expertise to see that revisits were reduced or eliminated entirely.


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