4 Step Plan To New Technology Implementation

New technologies are introduced to the market everyday and IT departments around the world are eager to adopt and implement them. Sometimes the tech upgrade can be a minor change, and other times it can completely reshape how your business is operated. While the technology implementation process can seem relatively simple, it can be quite complex and require some serious thought and planning.

Evaluate New Technology

Have you ever worked with an implementation company that continuously pushed a certain piece of technology, even though it clearly wasn’t the best fit?

The single most crucial part of any tech implementation is choosing the appropriate technology that suits your needs. Do you need a POS system? Security cameras? Kiosks? Whatever it is, make sure you’re picking the option that best helps you meet your goals. At this part of the process, it helps to have an evaluation partner that is hardware agnostic, meaning they don’t have ties to any specific hardware companies and can advise you on the tech that’s best for you.

Gather Your Implementation Team or Find A Partner

To make sure the technology you’ve selected works properly, and gets the attention/allocation of resources that it needs. You should assign a team to make sure the implementation goes seamlessly. 

Test A Pilot

After your new tech is installed, and it’s receiving the attention that it needs. It’s time to run a pilot test. The process of testing out the new tech in a real-world application will allow you to utilize it more efficiently and can help any potential problems come to the surface so you can address them. 

Train & Launch

You’ve picked out the tech, evaluated it, gathered a team, and run a pilot. Now it’s time to fully adopt the technology, whether that means installing more of the tech in a single site or rolling the tech out to thousands of sights nationwide. From here you should develop a training plan for anyone using the tech and optimize utilization of your new tech.

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