4 Dangers Of Every Technology Implementation Project


If you’ve ever been in the position of managing a technology implementation project for a warehouse, QSR, retail, or any other operation, then you’ve probably been exposed to some of the things that frequently go wrong when handling a project like this. In this article we’ll go through the top 4 problems we hear from our current partners, and address how you can avoid them at all costs! 

Missing Deadlines

Nothing is worse than missing deadlines. The panic that runs through your chest when you hear the combination of the words “running” and “behind” is an unparalleled feeling. The best way to prevent missing crucial deadlines is to fully understand everything a certain project will entail. For example, if a piece of tech is understocked and won’t be delivered until a much later date than expected, this will throw off the project timeline unless the project management team discovers the issue and plans accordingly.

Going Over Budget

Missing deadlines and going over budget go hand in hand. Much like missing deadlines, going over budget can be prevented in the same way. Knowing exactly what a project entails is a crucial part to any technology implementation or hardware installation project. That’s why a good integrator will perform site surveys before every project.

Recommending The Wrong Tech For The Job

Part of offering hardware installation and technology implementation services is being able to make quality recommendations for different types of hardware. To make sure you’re getting the right tech for the job during your next rollout, make sure to hire a company that is hardware agnostic, meaning they don’t have ties to a certain company or product.

Margin Stacking

Margin stacking is the exponential impact of multiple layers of outsourced labor and management. To learn more, check out our comprehensive article here. (https://cusitech.com/blog/what-is-margin-stacking-and-how-is-it-killing-your-nros/?preview_id=2635&preview_nonce=4a0695127d&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true)

The best, and the only way to avoid margin stacking is by going directly to the source for your labor and project management needs.


Avoiding these 4 dangers of technology implementation projects is crucial for a successful rollout. Margin stacking, poor tech recommendations, going over budget, and missing go-live dates is a recipe for disaster. Interested in speaking to a trusted partner about your next rollout? Reach out to us at cusitech.com/contact/

CUSITech provides a single point of contact to manage the planning, surveying, installation, and implementation of technology adoption with our nationwide skilled W2 technicians, so you can hit go-live dates on time and on budget. Give us a visit today: https://cusitech.com



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