3 Tech Upgrades To Increase Your Restaurant’s Profitability

In this digital era customers expect more from each restaurant experience. Whether you have an old timey brick-and-mortar dive devoid of technology or the restaurant of the future with self-paying kiosks on the tables and electric car charging stations out front, there are three easy  ways to optimize today’s technology to increase profitability and improve the customer experience.  


Revamp Your Website 

It may seem like a no-brainer to have an aesthetically pleasing website but plenty of restaurants are still living in the 1990s. Not to say the iconic Space Jam website from 1996 isn’t a piece of history, but unless you have the same recognition that Michael Jordan does you’re going to want to revamp your site.  

With restaurant reviews just a finger tap away around 90 percent of guests research a company before dining out. Consistent branding, menu offerings, and overall upkeep of the website will either convince or deter someone from dining at your establishment. Think of your website as your first impression; if that initial encounter doesn’t go as planned, you’ve probably lost that opportunity. 

In addition to an appealing overall look make sure to regularly update your menu and have your hours up-to-date, which can be easily done via Google My Business. If you are a sit down restaurant consider employing an online reservation system like OpenTable, so guests can be certain they’ll have a seat when they arrive.  


Upgrade Your Payments Solution

If you haven’t switched to a fully automated payless option, this may be the most critical move you can make. Think of your restaurant like an online store. Quick, easy transactions lead to faster turnaround times, which means more traffic for your business. Having the right payment technology also enables new revenue possibilities like selling gift cards online or organizing and hosting pre-paid events while increasing profit margins along the way.  

As we’ve seen with many larger restaurant chains, digital kiosks at each table allow guests to pay as they please and leave when they want. That unburdens wait staff and improves the customer experience. While in the QSR space, having self-service kiosks allows guests to have a seamless ordering process, ensures items are ordered correctly and doesn’t take time away from kitchen staff. 


Install Digital Kitchen and Menu Boards 

Remember that old diner where you can hear the kitchen staff calling out orders with a sea of receipts hanging up on a roller? Odds are a few get lost or misplaced resulting in some displeased tables. Digital menu boards don’t just make your business more profitable but also make for happier employees. The symbiotic relationship between front-of-house and back-of-house can be a gray area between servers yelling orders and questioning the back-of-house while they take care of customers. 

Investing in digital kitchen boards for the back-of-house helps restaurants streamline operations by linking directly to the point-of-sale (POS) system. This helps the kitchen staff differentiate between priority orders and flags any special dietary restrictions. On the logistics side, managers can track meal delivery times and monitor inventories in real time. By going 100 percent digital in the back-of-house a more sustainable kitchen flow is created. 



There are many options to invest in for your business. The most important question as an owner or manager is what will bring the quickest and smoothest flow of traffic through your store. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and identifying what will make them choose your business in the first place and keep them coming back is the most important consideration. The three above recommendations should take care of both of those.  

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