Most CTO’s and restaurant operators are continuously looking for ways to increase their restaurant’s efficiency and boost their companies revenue. “Line Busting” (shortening or totally eliminating lines to purchase and order food). One common way companies do this is by deploying mobile ordering systems or self-service kiosks. Let us get you up to speed, and tell you 3 ways line busting can help your QSR decrease lines and increase revenue.

Increased Ticket Size

When we as Customers wait in line for too long we start to become frustrated and will only order the bare minimum in a subconscious effort to speed up service and lighten the load for everyone else in line. When we are presented with shorter lines we are far more likely to order more food, because we don’t feel as rushed, and will feel more comfortable spending the time to make the perfect order. Self-service kiosks or mobile ordering applications could even make recommendations for upsizing or adding a snack onto the order, adding to the ticket order, and creating more revenue for your business.

Increased Traffic

We’ve all been there, you walk into a restaurant or QSR with a friend and you’re presented with what looks like the line for Space Mountain at Disney World. You look at your friend and the same thought is going through your mind “I’m not waiting this long for a cheeseburger”. The reason consumers are choosing “fast food” is that they expect it to be exactly that, and when your customers are presented with a long line, they are likely to choose a different option, leaving your QSR with a long line and lost revenue.

Faster Customer Service

When the bulk of your customers’ orders are coming through via self-service kiosk and mobile devices the orders are coming in directly to your QSR or restaurant’s POS system. After that order is received, the kitchen can immediately begin food prep and can fulfill the order far faster than if that customer were to walk in, wait in line, and order verbally. This increased speed can obviously help you increase your frequency of orders, but it could also inspire customers to spread the word about the fast turnaround time of your restaurant.

Line busting is a huge trend in the QSR space right now and if you haven’t started implementing it yet, it’s not too late! This article from Zebra does a great job laying out a framework to get you started, and when you’re ready to implement these tactics CUSITech is nationwide and ready to help.

CUSITech provides a single point of contact to manage the planning, surveying, installation, and implementation of these projects with our nationwide skilled W2 technicians, so you can hit go-live dates on time and on budget. Give us a visit today: https://cusitech.com/services/qsr/


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