3 Dangers Of Going With The Lowest Bidder For Your Next LV Project

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” These are to live by when determining which contractor to choose during your next low voltage project. You’ve seen it before, you get three quotes from three different vendors and one is drastically lower than the others? For a second you question why the price is so much lower, but you eventually go with the lowest bid. Did you just save a boatload of cash or did you just set your company up for endless change orders, poor quality work, and site revisits? In this article, we’ll go over the 3 dangers of choosing the lowest bidder for your next LV project.

Missing The Full Scope of Work

Oftentimes low bids fail to include the entire scope of the project, showing a lack of due diligence from the bidding company. Did they underestimate the amount of cable required for the project? What about manpower? When evaluating a bid, ensure that the bidding company has done a site walk and has accounted for any hidden problems they might experience.

Site Revisits

Site revisits are a great way to throw your project off of its timeline and over your budget. Revisits can happen when your low-voltage contractor misunderstands the scope of work, doesn’t bring the necessary tools for the job, or performs poor quality of work. The best way to prevent site revisits is to make sure you define the scope of work accurately and explain any challenges ahead of time.

Low Quality of Work

Have you ever had a project completed to find data drops and fixtures that weren’t installed to your satisfaction? What about finding out that the installers used low-quality hardware causing problems further down the road? Before committing to a contract ask about the experience of the performing technicians and what kind of hardware the install team will be using.

While we agree cost should be something you take into account when choosing a contractor for low voltage installation, keep in mind the potential dangers of going with a bid that might be too low to be true. 

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