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CUSI performs work at our OEM and channel partners at end user locations.


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Customized Uptime Solutions, Inc split into two organizations to separate the power quality consulting and the on-site service divisions. The divisions now operate as CUSITech, LLC (on-site electrical, low voltage and hardware installations) and Voltonix, LLC (power consulting and helping OEMs prepare, predict and protect their deployed assets).


Last mile broadband telecom

Last-mile broadband

Opened a division to run last-mile broadband/telecom from the utility to the building that included DMARC extensions. Projects included all coordination, trenching, boring, remediation, building penetrations and the electrical and data work.


Nationwide IT Rollouts

IT Implementation

Began using certified electricians to help national IT implementation organizations with rollouts of IT related equipment. As part of this, CUSI began preparing sites and installing the electrical outlets, data lines and assisting with hardware installations. Projects included national menu board rollouts, UPS upgrade deployments and back office network rack installations.


Onsite Service

Onsite Service

Began on-site service and utilized licensed electricians to diagnose if electro-mechanical equipment was installed per the site preparation guidelines of the manufacturer. Testing included National Electric Code verification, proper grounding, proper wiring as well as environmental conditions.


Customized Uptime Solutions

Power Quality Consultant

CUSITech launched in 2008 with a new entity and began consulting on power quality issues. The focus was to help electro-mechanical equipment manufacturers reduce warranty and service spend while protecting their systems from power related anomalies. OEMs implemented our recommended processes and technology with systems they deployed globally. This process gave customers a return of investment in 90 days. CUSI consulted with OEMs that worked with medical devices, laboratory equipment, ATMs, point of sale equipment (POS), printers, kiosks, simulation and industrial equipment.


Switch Gear

Early Beginnings

Craig Kalie started CUSITech foundation learning AC and DC power systems in the health care, retail, logistics, water treatment and facility maintenance industries.